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Best Amateur Camera under $200-$400

Hey guys, I’ve started getting into taking photos and as most people would do I started out using the equipment I already own, my cell phone. Yea they’re not THAT great but I can still practice and learn important things like composition and framing. My idea is to eventually have some photos printed and framed for my home.

I’m looking to take the next step and get a dedicated “true” camera. What are your thoughts on point and shoot against mirrorless/dslr? I understand nothing in my price will compete with a $2k professional Nikon and there will be compromises to be made.


For a point and shoot camera I would be looking around $200 and under. Would a point and shoot in this price range even be a decent upgrade from what I have now? (iPhone 5S editing with VSCO on the phone)

If I up-ed the budget to $400-450 for a mirrorless/dslr what advantages would I gain? Size/weight is not an issue. I don’t mind if it is a “heavy” or “bulky” or “slow” camera. The most important things to me would be picture quality, ease of use, and wireless file transfers. What are your suggestions for an amateur?

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