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Been Busy Not Taking Photos

Since finding out about getting in to the art show, I’ve been working on organizing the behind the scenes stuff.

To help with this, I paid a visit to my friend Jen Sandwich who has some experience with this sort of thing. She was a great help and I feel a lot less frantic about getting all this stuff done.


She was busy herself, getting ready for an event, so I had to visit her at the hotel she works at. While there, a guest needed a new key as one of their was bent and wouldn’t work in the lock. I snapped this picture on my phone as she worked the key cutter. I really should have brought my camera as there were several things I came across that night that I would have stopped to photograph. Oh well.

I really like how this photo came out. It looked weird in color, probably due to the lighting. I thought all of the metal shavings and dust would have stood out more, but they didn’t. After converting it to black and white, I was really able to make it work.

I am going out this week to pad the portfolio for the show. I’m hoping to get one more really amazing shot to be printed in the range of 24 x 16 inches. I’ll post what I get.

I hope I don’t annoy everyone, but I’ll probably be posting (not too many) things that document my prep work for the show. Maybe it will be interesting. We’ll see.


So, time to go for broke as I’ll be investing a small chunk of change in making prints, building a multi-panel display board, and whatever else I need. But if all goes well, maybe I’ll make some money. Maybe it’ll be enough to buy that better long lens that I want/need.

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