Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

Backyard Safari

So the cat mom of the the two precious kittens (now cats) that we ended up with was preggers again. Was. That’s her in the header shot, keeping an eye on me from the bush.


We’ve reached out to the folks who run the county’s TNVR program but I guess there is a long list of people in front of us. I’ve tried to trap her, and she has evaded capture. Once, I almost had her corralled in a large dog crate. I thought the larger space might more inviting. It was.

But she freaked when I tried to close the crate door. She busted out before I could close it and chased me around the deck, giving me a whopping. Thankful the wounds didn’t bleed too bad. And thankful I had a brand new bottle of Hibiclense to clean up with.

Once these little spuds are old enough, I’ll try to trap her again and will get the babies to a rescue group. But for now, KITTENS!


They are about a week old. I took these two days ago and their eyes were still closed. They should be starting to open when I check on them tomorrow. She tolerates me getting close, but I don’t dare touch.

Hopefully, all five survive. There isn’t much I can do except make sure mom gets food. We don’t have the time, resources, or space to bottle-feed five newborn kittens. Finger’s crossed.

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