A few days ago, there were three baby trash pandas chilling in the banyan tree in our backyard.

One took off real quick, the other two stuck around long enough for me to run inside and grab my camera. So that little guy up there is pretty cute, right? Wait until you see the other one. He was sassy.


These little critters are about the size of a small cat. It was probably one of their first trips down from the treetops.


Oh, so I saw some meteors, too.

Last Saturday night, I went over to Cape Canaveral to watch the Parker Solar Probe get shot into space atop a Delta Heavy rocket. I met up with a buddy and we hit up the swampy spot we found last time.


There was no moon. The skies were as clear as could be. The peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower was starting that night. We were ready to get a really amazing launch picture. Sadly, the launch was scrubbed at about 4:30 AM, after an almost hour delay.

But I didn’t come away empty handed. We got out there early enough to do some star trail pictures.


This shot is 180 consecutive 30-second exposures. I did a little light painting on the palms tree in the foreground. In the picture, there are three Perseids (we saw a ton more, my camera just wasn’t pointed in the best spot that night to catch ‘em). There is also a few lightning bug trails. And the water was lighting up with bioluminescence when fish splashed near the surface while eating.

I went a little extream with the editing. I wanted it to look like the stars were so close you could reach out and touch them. My camera was really low, so everything below the horizon is compressed into a small area. I also adjusted things so that the horizon is just gone. There is no depth beyond what seems to be about 30 feet or so. I wanted to get a little weird with it.


I dig it. Editing was a pain in the ass. I’ve literally been working on it all week. I think it’s done, and it better be as I need it for something early next week.


That’s all for now. There is yet another night launch next Saturday that, if the weather is decent, I’ll probably be going over for, because why not! Rockets are cool!