I asked a question a while back (sorry for the long response delay), What's your workflow? Get to organizing and read up on how a few of you work through your photos after the jump!

Victorious Secret shared his old and new methods of editing:

At one point I had just under a thousand photos sitting in the "to be edited" folder just because I took so long to get through everything and I started bunching things up.

I nuked the folder, now I do them in ~6 shot segments throughout the day.

Ernie agreed, and added that RAW's arent small:

I shoot RAW, import into Lightroom, trim out the fat, edit as necessary and export. Like VS, I'll try to get through a few a day which works as long as I'm not shooting dozens every day.

If you're shooting RAW, there is such a thing as too many photos, those file's ain't small


Blathering Seagulls noted his "import all" theory:

I don't shoot exclusively RAW or JPEG—it depends on the situation.

Still, I import everything into Lightroom, tweak my favorites, delete the absolute crap (catastrophically out-of-focus, etc.), and keep the rest. I have four HDD bays in my Mac Pro, so storage isn't a problem for me.


Matt Urban shared his batch processing method:

If i have to do a slight white balance or exposure change on a sequence of pictures that are similar or in the same setting i adjust all of them at one time and then fine tune if necessary. That saves me tons of time fiddling with them. Nothing revolutionary but i forget time to time, which makes for redundant work.

Finally, Trike shared his ruthless pursuit of shooting and deleting:

I edit ruthlessly at every step. When I'm shooting, I will periodically look at what I've taken and delete some there. (Usually about 10-20%.) When I import, I delete some more. Then when I process, I delete again. Then I end up showing maybe 1% (or less) of what I've shot.

On Flickr, for instance, I think I have about 40 photos from South Africa. I took over 3,200. I put a few of my favorites up and then some random ones to get a little flavor of what I saw, but I do have another 100 or so that I would be happy to show people. It's just that most folks' eyes just glaze over after a dozen.

A couple weekends ago I shot about 300 pictures at a local car show. I think I put up 9 or 10, after deleting over 100.


Thanks to everyone who participated! I'll try to keep these up to date next time so I don't end up making a Question of the Day into a Question of the Week again!