Hi Folks -

As the K1000 and the XG-7 both showed light leaks on the last rolls, I ordered precut light seal foam and finally got off my ass and replaced the seals this evening (I’ve been meaning to do this since Christmas, I think). I did all of the seals on the K1000 as they were gummy and sticky and probably original (assuming 35 to 40 years) whereas with the XG-7, I know I had them done in early 2000's and was able to determine that I only needed to replace the hinge seal. Now, I’m letting them sit open overnight to let all of the acetone - used to remove the old seals - vaporize off and not coat the inside of the cameras.

Anyone ever do this? I think I did an OK, job but wanted to see what others experiences were. Will be interesting to see if I fixed the problem, or managed to lose ground...

Update: It worked! It was a bit of a pain in the ass to get the old seals off, but it was worth it. The test roll came back with no light leaks! If you need to do this for any of your old cameras, check out US Camera for seals and directions.