Lighting info:

- ab800 @ 1/16) & AB400 @1/8 side-by-side with shoot through umbrellas for backlight

- 430 exII speedlight at 1/2 below with 360 degree diffuser firing all around the inside of the fridge
- Triggered with cybersyncs

A few years back I got into strobist photography. I was highly introverted and really was not comfortable asking others to model for me, so I decided to so a "Selfie" project. The goals were simple, I wanted to try to put into practice what I read on the Strobist blog in the hopes that I would teach myself how to use off camera flash. I challenged myself with 1 shot a week for a year and each shot must involve strobes. In my head I thought that each shot would be a truly fantastic expression of off camera flash use, rarely (if ever) was that the case.

Some weeks involved lots of thought and props;


Lighting info:
- 430 exII at 1/4 on the table behind my foot.
- ab 400 bare at 1/2 camera right.
- ab 800 at 1/4with shoot through for fill camera left and up.
- ab 1600 at 1/8 with shoot through for fill camera right, back and up.
- all triggered with cybersyncs.

other weeks, it was a scramble to come up with something, and the results were so-so;


Lighting info:
-ab800 on full camera left with DIY beauty dish.
-Triggered with cybersyncs.

As a whole though, I used it as an opportunity to try all different types of strobist work.

Everything from single Speedlight setups at dawn;


Lighting info:
- 430 exII on full with diffuser down camera left
- Triggered with Cybersyncs

To multi-light setups with gels;


Lighting info:
- 4 light set up
- ab400 in the camera left upstairs window on full with a shoot through
- ab800 in the camera right upstairs window at 1/2 with a shoot through
- ab1600 behind the wall on the main floor on full with a silver reflective and a red gel to light the slider and little window
- 430exII on the fence behind me at 1/8 for rim and to throw the shadow onto the wall
- Tiggered with cybersyncs

And more multi-light set ups with gels;


Lighting info:
- ab1600 camera right and up with silver reflective umbrella @ 1/2.
- ab400 with blue gel camera left behind the mixer on full.
- 430 exII in the mixing bowl on full.
- triggered with cybersyncs.

To trying to blend ambient and strobe in midday effectively;


Lighting Info:
- ab 1600 camera left with shoot through at 1/2
- ab 800 bare and behind the garbage can on full
- powered with Vagabond II
- triggered with cybersyncs

Even product shots;


Lighting Info:
-ab400 camera left bare @ 1/32 on the Old Spice
-ab800 camera right bare @ 1/32 to run light around the shower
-ab1600 boomed above bare @ 1/8
-Triggered with cybersyncs

While these projects are usually cheesy, and often self-indulgent, I can honestly say that I have never learned so much so quickly. Looking back, I can truthfully say that many of the shots are not very good (really I only selected the best for this post). It was a great personal learning experience though.

So I'm wondering, has anyone else done something similar?


Lighting Info:
-Canon 430 exII with diffuser at 1/2 behind the chair to clear away shadows
-ab400 with DIY beauty dish camera slightly right and above at full power
-ab800 camera left and above with a shoot through just under full power for fill
-ab1600 camera right and above with a shoot through at 1/2 for fill