Hello! I’ve noticed that I have joined a bunch of other new guys to this place from Oppo and/or LaLD. Honestly I’m really excited to dive into this site more.

So a bit about me, I used to be an avid artist in the form of drawing and painting. I then went to college and just didn’t have time for it anymore. Probably did 4 legitimate pen-and-ink pieces during my undergraduate career. During this time I really missed having an artistic outlet and decided I wanted to jump into photography. Living in Colorado, I was given a lot of opportunity to learn while still getting some nice shots.

Now back in the day I decided my weapon of choice would be an Olympus E-520. At the time it matched up well against the competition, would vibrate the mirror to remove dust every time you turned it on, and Olympus goes with the smaller 4/3 lenses, so the whole package is smaller and lighter. I knew I would be doing a lot of outdoors shots, so the size really appealed to me. Looking back it may have been better to go with a different make since it’s hard to source components for Olympus. I’ve been able to get a good set-up though and really enjoy my baby.

I’ve also been trying to properly capture some of the adventures I’ve been on like Germany, the Middle East, or backpacking with my wife.


(Germany, Cologne Train Station)


(View of the camp I lived in in the Middle East. I like to title it “Heaven and Hell”)

(Goofy bison at Yellowstone. The bison didn’t mind traipsing through our campsite as we were packing up...felt a little tense but they didn’t care about us)


Of course I found this place through a shared post over on liveandletdiecast for all you toy-car aficionados and was excited to see this kinja sub-blog existed. I’m about to get my masters degree and am looking to dive into photography again, but really want to try and step up my game from what I’ve done before and it seems like there’s a great community here to help people like me learn the intricacies of photography.

Thanks for letting me join! Oh and if you are interested in the world of diecast...well anything, head over to liveandletdiecast.kinja.com, we do a lot of photography over there too :D