Over the weekend I was able to attend another large evening car show. I went with a friend this time, so I wasn’t as purely focused on taking photos as last time, but we had fun. Still, I feel like I am definitely getting better with every event that I attend, even if the lighting doesn’t always want to cooperate.


Unfortunately a lot of the shots that I got this time were under some fairly harsh direct sunlight. But when the sun started setting I was able to get some nicer softer lighting shots.


Like I said I am still learning as I go, but I just love taking shots with the dramatic looking sky in the background. Apparently one of the guys who regularly attends the car shows in the area appreciates what I have been doing so far and asked me to do a shoot for him.

He is trying to get his car into a more prestigious car show that is coming up soon and they require submitting photos of the car from specific angles and such in order to apply.

I met up with him last night for the shoot and overall I think it went really well. I just wish I could have come up with some more interesting locations. That is definitely something I am going to have to work on if I am going to be shooting more cars in the future.


But for his shoot I grabbed a slightly tighter lens and dialed back the editing a bit. I was trying to get a bit more of a clean and simple look this time.

Overall I am really happy with how his photos turned out, but I didn’t want to post all of them (there are a lot), I just hope he is happy with them too. At this point my main concern was just making a good first impression, so hopefully I can get more word of mouth business in the future.