Yes, he's had a few odd gigs as a Policeman, an Animal, and a madman running through the fields of 60's psychedelia. But did you know he's also a pretty good photographer?

He's actually had a few art gallery shows with material he shot during his years in the Police, while busy pioneering a distinctive shimmering guitar tone, he'd take breaks and shoot pictures of his rock star life, while his bandmate Stewart Copeland did some Super 8 footage.


I find his style to be pretty candid, much like a Carl-Bresson shot except in the 80's and with an egotistical maniac and a genius drummer in their rock star life. There's also some obviously posed shots, like with Sting being Sting and what not. I find the second embedded pic to be pretty reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick's Wikipedia portrait.

Link, if you want.