Hello people of Photography. Some of you may recognize me from Oppositelock, where I also write occasional articles. I just wanted to do a quick intro post while I have some time.

My name is Chris and I have been shooting as an amateur since I go my Vivitar SLR for a photography class in my freshman year of high school. Since high school, I admit to not developing my own film anymore (I don’t have a darkroom) and rarely shooting with my Vivitar.

Nowadays I shoot on occasion (trying to make it a point to do more) with my iPhone. I had a 4 for years, but now use a 6 Plus. They are surprisingly pretty solid cameras and now have apps that allow for manual control (I use 645 Pro).

I like to shoot whatever inspires me: Nature, Landscapes, Roads, Cars, Shadows, etc. There is no shortage of interesting shots here in my new home in Asheville. I use almost exclusively natural light and don’t usually like to edit photos more than necessary. I am a purist in almost every since of the word. Many photos I leave in their unedited unfiltered dRaw Tiff format (unfortunately those can’t be posted here). Here are a couple jpeg shots below to show you the variety of my inspiration.


I really missed the mark on this photo, as I usually only shoot once (I set the exposure too high, really washing out the mountains in the background, but even so I like this one.)


My Miata above with some light editing for a medium/high contrast black and white (snapseed).


An old photo which I used a high contrast post photo filter (I no longer use photo filters and may go back and re edit the original properly along with some other overly edited shots.)