I was taking pictures of the kittens the other night and used the 18-300mm lens. This shot was at 280mm and f/6.3 (1/200 and ISO 1000).

I took this with the lens really close to the wee kitten’s face. It’s not cropped at all. This was the first time I really paid attention to how the pseudo-macro feature of that lens works during actual use (rather than a controlled test like before).

This is a tiny kitten. I’m shocked at how shallow the depth of field is, even at f/6.3. And the background (which is maybe 4.5 away) is just melted into the frame.

If I didn’t know better, I guess that this was taken with maybe a 50mm at f/1.8. That’s just crazy. I’m curious as to how the field depth is when I have to back up enough to shoot a portrait at 280 or 300mm.


For your time, enjoy some more kitten action.