All Ant-Man Figures Look Great In Real-Life Environments

A while ago we got a first look at Diamond Select’s Ant-Man figure, complete with an even teenier Ant-Man. But now that the figure is nearly here, the company have given us a closer look at the figure — and it turns out, shooting an Ant-Man figure in a real world environment just makes it actually look like Ant-Man.

Part of their 7”-scaled Marvel Selects line, this new Ant-Man actually comes with one extra accessory than when we last saw him—aside from extra hands and the teeny unarticulated Ant-Man, he also has an extra headsculpt that (vaguely) looks like Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, allowing you to pose Ant-Man masked and unmasked:

But seriously, this figure looks nice enough when it’s shot against the plain white background of a publicity photo, however it looks even better when photographed “out in the wild”, so to speak:


I love it when companies do this. Not only do you often actually get a good look at the figures—how you can pose them, how they look in natural light rather than studio light— but also because for Ant-Man, this makes perfect sense. It’s liks a teeny tiny Scott Lang is running around being Ant-Man, rather than just an action figure. It takes a great looking toy and makes it look cooler!

DST’s Ant-Man will be exclusive to the Marvel Online Store, as well as at Disney stores for its retail release. It’ll set you back $25, and will be available just in time for the release of Ant-Man next month.


[Marvel via Toyark]

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