Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

Abstract week! I bleed for art, amongst other things.

I don't even know at this point how many photos I need to go through from my camera... silly school, distracting me from my passion with other passions. All I know is I'm getting the hang of having a decent camera phone. Being able to take a picture and fiddle with it right away is soothing with instant gratification.


The fun thing about this weeks theme is that it is relative. Relative to what, that is the question. The answer is obviously chicken flavor. Not chicken. Chicken flavor.

All of these shot with my Nokia Lumia 928.

That's all for now. Happily enough, I've landed another job as a photographer (though if it's the paying sort, I won't know until tomorrow.) But having a job as a photographer means I will be going through photos, and when I lose steam in going through photos for work, I make up for it by going through photos from not-work to edit later. Huzzah! Back to the books for meee.


Better versions are on my flickr!

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