Another day, another adventure! This trip found me and the lady at Presque Isle State Park, one of our favorite locations, regardless of the season. It’s a beautiful peninsula on Lake Erie, and you’ll be seeing a lot of it if you watch my posts. Of course, I’ll have my Hero+ in tow!

During the winter, massive ice dunes accumulate on the beaches due to the waves breaking and freezing on the sand. Over the weekend we went up to find beautiful weather, with very little snow around.

This is looking out over the Bayfront, down the shoreline.

Some old beaver sign we found.


This one’s my favorite, looking under a footbridge for the bike trail.

Here’s a shot looking out over the ice dunes. Unfortunately climbing is prohibited.


Some neat driftwood left on the beach. At this point in winter, most of the sand is gone, and it’s amazing how much crap is all over the place.


Another shot of “Stumpy”

Looking out over the dunes and the lake, up on a grassy sand dune.


Looking down a mostly abandoned (at this time) road

The beauty of a GoPro. I don’t mind dunking it for shots like this.

These are my favorites from the bunch. I’m slowly learning with this camera! I love the fact that there are basically no settings to mess with, so it’s point (or set the small tripod down) and shoot!