The last intact female feral on our block had kittens a while back. Despite looking everywhere, we never found where she had them stashed. I finally saw a little dude on the side of the house on Saturday. He (I think he’s a he) is the only one that has survived.

We’re gonna try to get hands on him and get him socialized so he can find a home. Maybe we’ll finally get momma in a trap to get TNR’d. She crafty and has escaped previous attempts.

I checked on them again today and snapped a few more of that cute little face.


I also went back through some pics from last year’s Grand Prix of St. Petersburg to find candidates for after-the-fact tilt-shifting.

I used the tilt-shift filter in Photoshop. I used it more than once on each picture, in different spots at different angles, and differing degrees of blur. Lots of trial and error to get it to look like I wanted. I also adjusted the horizontal and vertical perspectives just a little on some, which helped add to the effect.

I’ve tried this before, but was never happy with the results. Out of the blue, I had the idea to use the filter multiple times for each shot. I wasn’t even thinking about tilt-shifting, it just popped in my head. Weird.


I think they came out pretty good.