All the picture were taken during a small roadtrip on the North Island of New Zealand. Unfortunately we had to cup the trip short by a couple days due to being overloaded with assignements at the Uni... Top picture was taken in Rotorua, it’s part of the fence from Government Gardens, and the black thingy in the background is Princess Gate. This picture was taken using the XF35mm f/1.4 lens.

I’ll post a couple I took in Rotorua, this is one of them. Taken at 16mm. The only edit I did to edit was changing the exposition and the balances a bit. Other than that the lights were not blended into another, darker picture.

That’s Princess Gate. Would’ve been better without the cars (notice that sweet Stagea!) obviously, but had no choice. Wanted to get that picture during sunset, but it was raining then (like 30 minutes earlier...) and started raining again a couple minutes later. You gotta love New Zealand’s weather....


This is the Old Bath House, still in Government Gardens. It is now home to the Rotorua Musem. You can blame those small sheds on the side that are used for bowling games... At least they also put some meat on top of them to feed the falcons. And apparently 3 Karearea live around the Museum. Haven’t seen one, though I had a stare contest with a couple birds of prey on the road to Whangaruru Bay in the weekend. They were just standing on the road eating some roadkill.


That’s the moon shining over Whangaruru bay. A friend has a house there and we spent the weekend in the area. This is the same place I try to do some astrophotography at. The road to go there is really fun, the car I was driving.... well not at all. At least I felt like I was playing Gran Turismo with all that noise coming from cornering. Crap tyres...

This is a panorama stitched in ICE of Stingray Bay, on the way to Cathedral Cove. Nothing much to say about it (we did see a Stingray though). The place was lovely, we were alone, it was awesome. This probably one of the only panorama that looks correct. Most of the one I’ve done suffer from aving waves in them, and thus it doesn’t look right. I need to get me an ND filter to do some daylight long exposure. Might try to do some more see/beach panorama after.


That’s the first night camping in Coromandel Town. Notice the crappy rental car, Seamus, that was our road trip companion.

Let’s talk about the car. Well, it’s pretty bad. Especially with 5 people in it (and the luggage that goes with that. It being an old car, rental car, the rear suspension were shot (I’ve never scratched the bottom of a car so much going out of parking lots...). The tires were crap, they were in a good state, but they’re just bad tyres. Squealing like pigs at every corner. I wasn’t even going fast.
This 2004 Nissan Wingroad comes with a mighty 109 hp petrol engine, that has the particularity to have no torque (Being to diesel, it’s hard...). It’s matted to a 4-speed automatic gearbox, that’s equally bad, and I could probably be able to brew a coffee whille waiting for it to change gear. The seats were bad. My 1989 Golf GTI was more comfortable than this crap can.
Fuel economy wasn’t bad. With 5 people and all their gear in the car we averaged around 9.5l/100 km over the all trip. I though it would be worse. I managed that by keeping the car low RPMs. Which explain why I was going 50 instead of 100kph on hills. No torque I’m telling you.
At least it was cheap, at 52 NZD per day (with full cover). Other than that, Seamus was pretty bad...