Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but trust me, I’ve been keeping busy. Moved into a rental house, pinching pennies, but snapping photos as much as possible. Without much comment because it’s past my bedtime but I wanted to post something, so here’s a few of the recent snaps from events I’ve been going to in my spare time.

Mazda Miata NB1, stupid clean.
Ridiculously clean Fiero.
Ford Focus RS. Wonderful roller shots. Definitely need to do more.
Classic Car Club Manhattan’s replica GT40 at a new Cars & Coffee event.
Ferrari Enzo. Owned by a local collector. I would have rather seen the F50 or MC12, but out came the Enzo instead.
M3 parked all pretty before leaving Cars & Coffee.
Collection of Mopars before leaving Cars & Coffee. Yours truly with the HEMIWagon at the far end bookshelving 6 Vipers.
Extremely clean second gen GTI VR6. Went to this meet on a whim, doubt I would go back, but impressed to see this briefly roll through.
Best for last. A local Focus ST with plenty of tasteful mods making pretty good power. Snapped this as a storm started to roll into the area. Exposure could have been better, but I was in a rush to get what I could. Evidently we didn’t get bad rain from this storm, quite the opposite of what I expected.

There you have it for now. My Flickr and Instagram have more. Follow for updates if you aren’t already! Fresh new content is on the way this year.

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