I’ve never really had any experience with analog photography, only with my dad’s camera, however he went digital in 2003. Never really had the need for one, but due to seeing how cheap Raphael Orlove got his Chinon in the post on him fixing it, got me searching for Chinons. I would kind of like it to try out analog photography for a change.

I found this(sorry the link is in Dutch, tried to get a translated link but the website refused to cooperate with Google):

A Chinon CS, with 3 lenses, a 28mm, 50mm and 135mm and a bag/case, for the price of €25. I think this is quite a good value for money, can anybody confirm? Assuming it works of course, which I still need to have confirmed. Also, could this work as a starter analog camera?

Also, I found that there are M42 to EOS adapters, which means I could always use the lenses on my 700D for some more experimental manual shooting. Does somebody have experience with such an adapter?

Edit: shared to Oppo, maybe some opponauts now something about these.