So, I went through all of my photos in the last two days picking out my (or at least what I think are) best shots. While doing this I tried to decide what I think my best shot over all is. It was a bit tough until I came to that one shot that I had to wait for. Not only was I in the right place at the right time, but I had to wait, and I had no idea what would happen when it did happen. Some subjects you can move around, but when it comes to nature, it is just down to luck and patience.

It started while taking this...

I saw the webbing before the caterpillar. Then I started shooting it.

That’s when I noticed the background. Apples. Someone had taken bites and just tossed them in here, most likely children. But I can’t complain as it is food (there was trash also though...)

Then I went back to following the caterpillar. I was just drawn to it.

I was trying to get that one great shot. But something just wasn’t right.

And that’s when I saw the shot I wanted to be able to take. The caterpillar with the apple in the background. So I moved a little bit and changed my angle. Skewed wasn’t working well for me.

I don’t recall the time between the first shot with the apple background and that shot. But what I was really waiting on was for the caterpillar to actually go in front of the apple completely.

It was going to be happening soon.

I just kept snapping until luck through me this amazing curveball.

I stopped, checked the photo, and walked away. I knew I wouldn’t be getting anymore that compared to that one with this subject. And this has become my favorite photo that I’ve had the chance to shoot.

So, tell me, what do you think your best photo is?