I focus on automotive photography. I'd love to get picked up by some form of publication, but I'm happy enough doing it on my own as a hobby.

I tend to go for cars that are more interesting visually, and rarely stop to just snap a quick pic of something to remember it. I often try to capture the photo in a way that really makes people drawn to it. I'd say that's something I always aim for, though admittedly, I'm not always successful at it.

I've covered a number of concerts in and around New York City, though I don't always enjoy making the trip into the city (hour train ride, or ridiculous parking).

Sometimes though, I just pick up my camera and screw around with things though. It keeps me thinking about composition, colors, and how to expect results to come out of my camera.

On occasion I'll go a few days, or sometimes almost a month without doing anything serious with my camera, and it always makes me feel good to get back into the swing of things. I don't typically work with models for photos unless someone asks for me, and I don't currently do many things that require me to pay for rights to put my photography out there.

Everyone plays around with nature photography, it's something that's fun to do. Whenever I go out, I try and set a goal, such as finding something very specific, not just whatever strikes my fancy. That's often a better challenge and more rewarding to me than snapping away, and hoping I like the finished product.


Plenty of times, I go out, I shoot 50-100 pictures, and then I come back, and in some cases don't like any, but often enough, barely like 10-15 enough to really put work into them. My editing styles have changed, and hopefully the content has improved substantially over the years, at least I'd like to think so.

What I enjoy most is long exposure photography, unfortunately, because of my work schedule, it's what I get to do the least.

I also love the challenge of making a panorama photo. Being able to piece together photos that would otherwise not be possible from my equipment is a wonderful challenge.


I shoot for end formats, because the world is not 18mp like my Canon 7D. Depending on the subject and what's occurring, I may shoot to crop it down for 1920x1080, or try and keep it larger for 2560x1600. I frequently go to 1800x1200 for other photos that maybe I wouldn't initially make full size, or photos that I don't want to crop specifically. I try to mix things up and get portrait photos in so that people can feel able to use my photos on their mobile devices, not just laptops or in wallpaper collections they have.

I get challenged most by where to focus. I love shooting "wide open," at F1.4 when I have my 50mm on, but often it forces me to sacrifice something else in the shot. It's a compromise I often really think about when I'm walking around car shows and parks, and thinking about what I want to take a picture of. I love having a well defined subject, and blurring the rest, but have come to use some of the tools in Photoshop very rarely. The bulk of my "editing" involves Camera Raw and the Spot Healing Brush.

What else to you all enjoy taking photos of most? What do you consider your biggest challenges before, during or after hitting the shutter button?