Well it’s Monday again. Time for the second best part of the day (the best if you’re not working today).

Thanks everyone for participating this week. We had some lovely contributions.

Here you go:


I know I’m late, but as in “Whose Line Is It Anyway” the points don’t count. Here are my two. We had gorgeous clouds that would promptly disappear as soon as I got out of work. Go figure. Here’s what I got.


The B&W is a Hipstamatic shot edited lightly in snapseed. The other was taken with a canon 50D and edited in snapseed.



Here are mine.

This one was taken with my 16-55mm lens. While driving up to Coromandel, in the Coromandel Peninsula back in April. Picture is an HDR made in Lightroom.

Late April, from Mount Victoria, in Devonport, Auckland overlooking Devonport, the Auckland Harbour Bridge (on the left) and the North Shore.

Taken with the XF 35mm, @ f/1.4 and ISO200 while Handheld. It’s actually an HDR I made in Lightroom. Picture as taken in Silo Park, Auckland, while looking towards Silo Marina and its huge number of yachts and sailling yachts.


Stephen the Canuck

I have been busy working all week, so this is the only one I actually shot. Took it with my Samsung Galaxy S4 while at work. I thought the clouds looked pretty good. There have been a number of spectacular sunsets here lately, some with amazing clouds.

No idea what the specs on this photo are. Edited in Snapspeed.



Top image was shot on my T2i at my go to scenic landscape location. 1/640 F/8 on my 18-55 EF-S lens iso 100. Changed a lot in lightroom and I just wanna say that adjusting settings for these clouds has been completely different from most of my other stuff.

Bottom image was shot on my Nexus 5 using HDR mode and cropped. I was coming home from Krogers.



Photos were taken over downtown Ottawa tonight. No idea what kind of clouds they are (I’m a criminologist, not a meteorologist, dammit). Both shot with my D70s 18-70mm. ISO 200.



Canon EOS Rebel T3i

Focal Length: 18.0mm

F/250s; f/16.0

ISO: 100

Photo taken in Potter County, Pa

I was headed to the store the other morning and thankfully brought my camera along for the ride.



I think my best cloudy picture is this one from a regatta on the North Sea, or maybe it’s just the memory that goes along with it. Change of weather always is accompanied by awesome clouds. (EDITOR’S NOTE: I like this one, so it’s being included [the rules do allow for 2 photos]) But that would be doubleposting so here’s this week’s entry:

Camera: iPhone5

Location: Somewhere on Sardinia

Cloudtype: These seem ‘cirrus’ clouds to me, usually found at an altitude of 5 miles. As the cirri (?) are kind of isolated there is no significant meaning for the weather as far as I know.



Yay! Finally a day without a solid gray sky and rain. Both taken at my brother’s backyard.

Pi in Freefall

1/2000 f8 iso 200 55mm focal length

One of those things from Dark Crystal

1/400 f10 iso 200 55mm focal length


That’s all folks. Until next time.