I went out for a bit in Tampa again on Wednesday. After looking at what I shot, I realized I kinda kept to a theme. Patterns, shapes, angles, extreme contrast. For the last pic (which was my favorite of the small batch), I inverted the image after converting it to black and white. After playing around with it for a bit, I was getting what I envisioned when taking it. I just couldn’t figure it out. So I said to myself “What the hell, invert it”, and then I saw on the screen what I saw out on the street. A little more adjusting the lights and darks and it became something even better.

I did take a few more besides these few, but I was really happy with the results. Maybe I’ll revisit the sites and try again soon. I know what didn’t work, so maybe I can make it happen next time.

The above picture is a different side of an element from a previous shot.