No major damage. We lost power at 4:00 pm yesterday. It might be back on today or in a few days, just depends. The police pic and the first few are from yesterday as things started to get rough.

These next we’re long exposures at sundown. It was actually almost pitch black out. The wind was hollowing like death was coming.

It got really rough around midnight until 3 or 4 am. But the storm started tracking to the east instead of the eye going right over us. I passed out as things started getting calmer.


I’ll have some more pics later. Nothing to spectacular. Need to sleep more. This has been exhausting.

Update 9/13

We are still without power. Everything is gross. Power is supposed to be restored by midnight Friday, but does that mean midnight between Thursday and Friday or between Friday and Saturday?


There is a large tree that fell on the street behind us that seems to have taken out the main line into our part of the grid. It seems to be the only line down in our grid. It’s been three day and no work has been done on the tree or lines. The areas around us have power, which is both encouraging and disheartening. If I had a chainsaw, I’d be out there cutting this tree up so they can get in and fix the lines.

The power company has not been communicating very well, which is the real issue. They suck as far as that goes.

The lack of most light pollution let me get some cool pics the other night. I could only edit a few on my phone, so they aren’t quite right. I’ll have more once I have have access to Photoshop and Lightroom CC again.

Here are a few that I took at the bayou the other night. I might go down to the beach tonight to take some of the stars out over the dark Gulf of Mexico with as little light pollution behind me as I’ll ever get.

I’ve got one that will be 20 minutes of continuous exposures stacked, but need CC on the laptop to do it. It’s gonna look really cool.