Hello everyone! Most of you are aware of the fact that roughly two months ago, Kinja removed the ability to magnify images posted in the comments. So, I’m here to give a quick lesson on how to get a full sized image from Kinja comments, or, in layman’s terms, “embiggen them”. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Now, due to some points raised in the comments (thanks, RockyClock!), there are different ways to do it through each web browser. I’ll run through the steps for each major browser: Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Those using other browsers might be able to apply these steps to whichever one you’re using.

Obtaining the Picture’s URL

First step is to find a picture. Any picture, really.


Chrome might be the easiest to do this in. First of all, right click on the photo.

Find the “open image in new tab” button. Click it. You should now have the image open in a new tab, and access to the URL. Head down to the “now what?” section for what to do next.


Now, Firefox is fairly similar, but a little bit different, just in terms of the naming. Same thing as before, right click on the image.

From here, you can do one of three things:

  • Click on view image, which will bring it up like you see below.
  • Click “Copy image location” and then paste the link into a new tab
  • Drag the image up to your tabs and let go, which will open it in a new tab

With that hopefully working, you can move on down to the “what now?” section.

Internet Explorer

Doing this in Internet Explorer is pretty easy. Right click on the image.

Hit the copy button. Open a new tab, then paste the URL. You now have access to the URL, so now you should mosey on down to the next section.

I have the URL. Now what?

Notice how small the photo is and that it can’t be magnified? Go to the URL and find the string between the slash after the phrase “upload” and before the final slash. Delete it. So your URL goes from this:

To this:

Now you have your new URL!

Hit enter. Now you have a much larger photo that can be expanded to its original size. Boom.

To recap, do all those steps, and your photo goes from this:

To this:

Notice how the second one can be expanded and saved at its original resolution, rather than just fitting to the Kinja window.


And it’s just that simple! Hopefully this all makes sense and helps people out, and it also means that photos can now be uploaded to comments again instead of being e-mailed for the Weekly Photo Mission.

(Lead GIF created by Thebloody on Oppositelock)