I was over in Tampa on Tuesday with a little time to kill, so I hit the streets of downtown to cover some ground I hadn’t walked on my other recent trips. The first thing I stumbled upon was a wig shop. Why does every downtown seem to have a wig shop? Not shops, but just one. And how much business do they do? I think I’ve seen these wigs in an episode of the original Star Trek.

A few blocks up, I came upon what would be the next two pictures.

And finally, a few more blocks up the street was Oaklawn Cemetery, Tampa first public cemetery. It dates back to the mid-nineteenth century. There is a lot of Tampa history in there. I’ve never been too good at taking pictures in cemeteries. Pictures from previous attempts have always come out kind of “meh”. So rather than trying to take pictures of the cemetery, I found a few things in the cemetery that interested me. I was looking at the decay of the objects in cemetery.

I was captivated by how grotesque this statue looked; the stone slowly eroding with the wasp nests stuck on her face like a cancer.

Finally, the bark on this oak tree looked neat, so I took a picture of it.