Cincinnati is probably the least recognizable city in the Midwest. There are only 2 things people know it by, in fact; The Reds and Skyline Chili, and one of those isn't even available outside the Tri-State.

And you know what? That's a shame, because Cincy has quite a bit to offer. For one, it has the University of Cincinnati, putting out some of the greatest works in industrial and graphic design. Rock n' Roll didn't die, it just came here to be put on life support, we're nurturing it back to health right now. It also has a beautiful skyline, but you wouldn't know because you'd have to visit the place.

It's not all bad, I suppose, Cincy doesn't have a bad reputation, at least not like Detroit or LA. But there is something about being so neutral that everyone glances over that just doesn't sit right with me.

That's not to say the 'Nati isn't trying. Some recent developements include a luxury hotel and casino, modern art deco housing, and some of the best art museums this side of the Mississippi.

Perhaps the coolest thing about Cincinnati is its architecture. Cincy is a very old port town founded at the end of the 1700s, it's experienced rapid expansion in the mid 1800s and early 1900s, and a recent resurgence in the last 5 years. This means Cincinnati has the best mix of old and new architecture in the Midwest, if not the US.

In search of something to describe the charm of Cincinnati, I went to Mount Adams, the highest point in the City. It was there that I put some pieces together and finally settled on what, in my eyes, makes Cincy the place to be.

You know how there are 7 deadly sins? Well, Cincinnati has 7 distinct Hills, in fact, it use to be called the City of 7 Hills. Now not to sound provocative, but Cincinnati is the Sin City (Or, Cin City, if you will) not that you can commit any atrocity you want, but that you can take chances here, you can be who you want to be, it is possible. The opportunities are here and growing.

I leave you with this photo of a local band called The Dopamines. The photographer is unknown, and the photo wasn't even taken in Cincinnati, but it still has that raw energy and gives that same feeling I get when I drive down McMillan Ave, or when I cross the Ohio River at 6am as I do every Saturday morning; Grit mixed with Style, old meets new, rugged yet sleek. I think that really sums up Cincinnati.