The Posies played in Tampa last night for the first time since 1993. The show was at Microgoove, a local record store. There is no stage, no fancy lights, no pretense. It’s just the band standing face to face with the audience. I made sure to stand right up front, in the middle, so I could get pictures without the backs of people’s heads. I was shooting with a shutter speed of 1/50 and at ISO 1600. Most of the shots had my lens at 18mm, but a few a zoomed. None of these are cropped, just edited for color and contrast.

The show was amazing. I really love this band and am very glad I finally got to see them play (though Ken Stringfellow did recently play an equally amazing solo set at this same venue a few months ago). For a few songs, they had Tierney Tough, of Orlando’s The Pauses, join them on vocals and bass. These are my favorite shots from the night, the rest can be found here.

And a bonus picture of me at the show.

One more addition... Ken and Jon closed the show by playing Big Star’s “Thirteen”. All things considered, I wouldn’t exactly call this a cover.