I remember coming across this a few years back, a guy called Jamie Livingstone took a Polaroid every single day from 1979 up until cancer got him in 1997, it’s rather sad looking at the final few pics.


Just thought I’d share the link for anyone interested. This year it seems a lot of people are doing a “365 project” (Or 366 since it’s a leapyear) where you take a pic every day for a year. Also here are a few of my favourites, if you have any favourites post them in the comments!

I think these ones interest me a lot because they’re to do with film and TV, it seems like the guy was a film editor. My dad was a film editor and his career peaked in the 90s, so I guess these sort of give me a nostalgia that I never really experienced. However...

^ for most of my dad’s career he would have been using one of these, not computers. I don’t know if that’s a Steenbeck but it’s similar (Note the date, 1986, and how the digital stuff came in the 90s, pretty cool!) I definitely remember when I was about 4, my mum took me to see my dad in the cutting room before leaving work, I remember wanting to stay and ask questions but my dad had to stay later and my mum wanted to get home. I should probably show these pics to my dad.

Anyway, I’m rambling a bit. Here are some regular ones which I liked:

She pretty:)

She also pretty :)

Cute Macintosh

Another cute Macin-...wait, is that Steve Jobs?

I wish there was a bit more info on the site, like, did he exhibit these anywhere? There are a few pics with boards covered in Polaroids, he must have exhibited them a few times.

I like the composition here.

This too

It’s the Polaroid SX-70 by the way, a very very neat camera. I remember seeing a site where you could buy them and I’ve been tempted to do so.

Another one of those boards covered in Polaroids (or maybe it’s a floor).

Maybe I’m imagining it, but I think the quality of the photos sort of improves over time, but perhaps the older ones were fading by the time these were scanned.

Like I said about there not being much info on the site, I do wonder what his intentions were. It makes me sad looking at the last ones, I wonder if he’d have kept it going today and if he’d change methods.