Just outside of Grand Marais, MN. Didn’t take any photos on the way in because I was just trying to get there before too late on Friday. Got into Duluth, MN just before midnight and had to find a place to stay. Almost everyone was booked solid. Lesson learned, don’t try to find a place last minute in the closest big city to Canada.

Woke up the next morning and decided not to go see the sunrise. Though, as would happen, I did get to see it on the hour drive up to Grand Marais and had to stop to see it. This makes two Great Lakes I’ve seen the sunrise on. Three more to go...

Got some breakfast and started on my way to try and find moose. I went to the “viewing” spot and there was nothing. So I continued down the trail. A hunter told me where they usually are found so I decided to go check that out.

I found scrapings, prints, droppings, and where they bed, but no moose. I went a ways in where there were no real trails, but didn’t find any. It was getting late and I was getting hungry. I had one more place I wanted to check out before leaving the area.

The last place was even more of a hike than tracking the moose. Rocky slopes were the only real trail to get to the top, but when I got there the view was worth it. One day I want to see the sunrise from there...

I decided to take the 10 hour scenic drive home and got a few more photos, not many. But it was nice to look at while driving instead of another cars ass the whole way.

As a last minute trip decision, I loved it. Had I planned more it would have been that much better. I definitely want to go back one day, I need to find those damned moose! As always, there are more photos here.