So, this was my very first time walking around asking people if I could take their photograph (not counting cosplayers) while they relaxed. Out of all the people I asked (not all the photos turned out well enough, but most did) not a single person said no.

I was walking along Lakefront Trail making my way from Ogilvie Station to the Aquarium. Also walked around the Planetarium as well (can post all those photos if anyone wants to see them). Had a blast and I’m so much less shy about asking people to take their photo now as well!

Little back story on this one. I had just finished photographing a bird in the lake and started changing lenses when I noticed this woman setting up a towel getting ready to sunbathe. As I walked by her I noticed how she had everything placed and thought it’d be amazing to photograph this scene. But I kept walking thinking “She’d never say yes. She’s in a bikini and I’m some stranger asking to take her photo. She’d totally think I’m a perve!” But then something just struck me. I turned around, walked back, and politely asked telling her how perfectly everything was set up. She didn’t hesitate to say yes. I was so shocked! I took a few, and when I finally got one that I was satisfied with, I showed it to her (she loved it!), and thanked her. As I stood up I noticed all the people just sitting in the grass relaxing and went on to ask many of them as well. This was the first person (outside of cosplay) that I’d asked and I couldn’t believe she said yes. I so happy I did, as it has opened up a whole new door in photography for me!