We finally had a mostly clear night, so I took the new lens out for a little night shooting in St. Peterburg. There is a park up the street that overlooks Tampa Bay. This patch of sky is pretty dark, considering the light pollution.

The lead shot is 26 ten-second consecutive exposures stacked in Photoshop. The clouds were rolling in, so I wasn’t able to get too many shots.

I did get this other one, taken before the 26 shots in the stacked pic.

This was a 30-second exposure at f/3.5 and 800 ISO, taken with the Nikkor 18-300mm that I recently got. Even with the light pollution, you can make out the Milky Way.


Over the weekend was the St. Pete Pride parade. These shots are from the party before the parade started. I shot all of these with the 18-300mm. This was its first true field test. It did a great job focusing quickly and everything came out crisp and bright.

These first three are of the asshole nutbag protestors who seem to protest anything and everything. They weren’t allowed in the park, so they walked the fence line with a megaphone. The guy, pictured below, with the megaphone, was saying some hateful stuff. Please excuse the language, but this is an actual quote: “I hope all you faggots die!”

Now, I don’t care if you want to come out and protest Pride. It’s your right to do so. You can yell things about being sinners and sodomites and going to hell. But this year, these wingnuts crossed the line with what they were saying. Because they were basically on a public sidewalk, the people who had stopped to yell back at them could freely walk amongst the looney-toons.


I think these nutjobs were trying to get someone to start a fight with them, to throw the first punch. They had Go-Pros mounted on their signs and were filming from all angles. But instead of fists, they got butts. The worst thing anyone did to them twerk their way through the group of haters. Many people did that. It was awesome.

Alright. That’s enough time spent on the haters. On to the good times.

it’s my Congressman Charlie Crist.

So you may have seen this story around the interwebz last week.

This couple lives over in Tampa. When I read the story, I went back and looked through my pictures of the mass same-sex wedding the city out on in 2015 and there they were. I looked them up on Facebook and quickly found Nick, the shorted, more bearded one. We have some mutual friends, so I sent him a message with a link to the pictures from the wedding. We chatted a bit online last week. Nice fellow.

While at Pride, we ran into him in person. He was there taking pictures for one of the papers I used to work for. After we parted ways, I kept seeing him in the pictures I had taken. Wouldn’t realize he was there until after the fact. He must have photobombed me ten times. So, I just gave up and snapped a few of him intentionally.

That’s all for now. There are some more on my Flickr page.

And I made a GIF, just because.

After the parade, we went over to Tampa for a friend’s album release show/summer dance party. I’ll be editing those tomorrow.