It was a fairly wet winter after years of prolonged drought. As a result, spring sprang with a vibrancy I haven’t seen in ages. April was pretty busy in general, but I did manage to take a few pauses every now and then to snap some photos. Below are some of those photos.

Most of these are shot with a crappy Canon 50D (some with a less-than-stellar kit lens, some with a nicer sigma 10-22mm), and a few I shot with my iPhone. Editing is all over the place. Some are edited in photoshop, while others are DSLR shots edited on my phone, and a few are luck-of-the-draw hipstamatic photos where the only thing I knew beforehand was what film/lens combos I generally like.

Hipsta shots of a jacaranda tree in full bloom.

DSLR shot of the same tree.

This isn’t perfect (the bee is slightly out of focus), but I still think it looks kinda cool. Happy sort-of-accident (I was trying to shoot the bee... but when she was still on the blossoms).

Wildlife! Below are photos of a beaver, a bunny, and a Texas tortoise. The Texas tortoise is endangered, so it was kinda cool to see the little guy.

More wildlife! Of the eight-legged variety. Now, I’m not particularly fond of spiders, but there sure are quite a few that look very cool. And all these guys/gals were fairly docile.

Below, two shots of the same spider, both taken with the DSLR, but the first was edited in photoshop, while the second was edited roughly in PS, then using a couple of different apps on my phone.

I kept meaning to take a road trip to shoot some of the spectacular wildflowers that come up all over the state every spring, but life got in the way. I did, however, get some of the local bloom. Below, photos of prickly pear cactus blossoms, Texas thistle, and some purple sage brush. Oh, and a random shot of some lily pads. Some of them are worked over more than others in post.

Another DSLR shot edited with my phone:

So, that’s it! Some of what I saw last month. Hope you enjoyed!