Hi, photography folks! I’m new here, but active on the Observation Deck and io9. FlowerGirlH4v0c was kind enough to let me join the authorship here. I’m also new to photography. I shoot a Sony Cybershot RX100 that I kind of inherited from my boyfriend after he got a new camera (he also loves photography). Feedback and tips are appreciated!

I recently went on a business trip to Washington D.C. and had some time to visit the Smithsonian’s National Zoo. Zoo pictures are always tricky because of the barriers and position of the animals within the enclosures, so this was the best picture I could get of one of the resident cheetahs.

This is a decent one of a golden lion tamarin in the small animal exhibits, except for the bright light reflection that’s positioned right on his stomach and the residual reflection on the right side of the photo. :/

I got a few good ones of this cute little dwarf mongoose, who was posing nicely on her log. The angles were better here, so less reflection to deal with.

I’d never seen so many lions together in real life before (there were nine in all). My understanding is that they were composed of a few sisters and a litter of nearly-grown cubs. The exhibit was impressive but also imposing, and given that I don’t have much of a zoom on my camera I wasn’t able to get great shots of them.

This spoonbill was giving me the eye. Pretty sure he was trying to figure out if I were worth biting.

These scarlet macaws were really pretty, although the photo does not capture the godawful noise that was going on at the time. There was a small ground-dwelling pheasant-type bird that went off like a fire alarm as I was trying to snap the picture, and it carried on for a good two minutes.

Caught this peacock chillin’ in the outdoor aviary.

Then his buddy over here in full show-off mode, who knew how pretty he is, and was therefore making love to the camera.

All of these are unedited, and shot in the aperture priority setting. I’ve been shooting in jpg and not RAW, mostly because I’m not really familiar with editing software at this point. I would love to start learning, however, so if you have any recommendations there I would appreciate them.

Thanks! Hope it’s okay for me to ask questions of you guys.