In March 2014, the local Houston S2000 group, known as Hous2K, held their monthly gathering at a fellow member's country home and had a crawfish boil. It was also supposed to be a tech day, but nobody ever got around to actually doing any work. No tech days are ever spent doing any actual work. Ha!

I've had authorship to Photography for a year and a half, I think, but I never got the willpower to post here. Then, I forgot all about this place. Sharing these photos is an effort to get back into editing many untouched photos that were taken either by me or my cousin. The following photos were taken by me.

This Toyota Hilux was owned by the member hosting the location of the gathering. It's been refitted with an S2000 motor from the AP1. It also doesn't have an exhaust, so it's very loud.

This photo was so good apparently, that when I shared it to my tumblr, it made it to a large Honda dedicated Instagram page.

I hope you like the photos. What do you think? My skills aren't that great. The camera that took these photos was a Canon T3i that my buddy took out on loan from his work to take these photos. Since March my skills have certainly improved, though. More recent photos coming soon, hopefully!