Finally got around to pulling my pics off my camera (instead of just phone pics). Fair warning: these are mostly (except the first 3) shot out of a moving vehicle, so...

Of course I have to lead off with this thing. It’s pretty much a rule.
I really need to get some different lenses. This turned out not too bad, but I can’t get focus on anything but the foreground, and the other lens won’t give me a good landscape, just closeups.
...again, same thing...
In-car shots begin.
OK, I like this.
I’m amazed how well this turned out. A little dark, but I literally just pointed out the window and clicked.
This is a LONG way from Toronto.
Crap pic, but it had to be included.
White River.
Return trip, Thunder Bay. Incedentally, the best (IMO) pic I got of the Sleeping Giant, even though I didn’t notice it was there until today. It has stuff in the way too, but at least it makes a scene out of it rather than a mess.
Sleeping Giant attempt #1.
Sleeping Giant attempt #2.
Sleeping Giant attempt #3.
Sleeping Giant attempt #4, and gone. Meh.

From here on I was either driving or sleeping, so no pics. But here’s one more while I’m at it (not from the trip) that I kinda like, even though its crap.

Was trying out some night shooting. ISO through the roof and low shutter speed, so noisy and fuzzy, but I like where it was going.