I haven’t done an abandoned building in too long. I’ve been to this place before, but didn’t stay too long. Going to these places alone in a very windy area can be very creepy.

I walked around most of the building trying to find a way in.

Previous ways in, like this bay door were closed now. And these little guys were everywhere...

I wasn’t wearing any type of protective clothing to climb through windows...

I went back to the end of the building I started on and tried one door I didn’t want to. It was unlocked.


Said unlocked door led me into the darkest part of the building, which thinking about it now, was pretty freaking awesome.

I was standing not far from the door where I took this photo. The light on the left is the very end of the other side. This building was long enough to have at least three 18 wheelers back to back. The door to get into the next section was about halfway down. There was definitely a slight fear walking through here even though there was faint light around.

There was some great graffiti also!

I’d love to put all my photos on this page, but yeah... So you can find the rest here