Hi Folks -

OK, finally got a chance to put a few clicks on the camera. These are more or less random items, chosen out of about 150 "Spray and Pray" shots (which were a lot of me dicking with different settings to get correct exposure, or just taking lots of shots instead of composing...areas for improvement, those). Nothing has been tweaked/altered/cropped/dodged/burned.

I found the graffiti during a lunchtime run on a pedestrian bridge near where I work. I found something amusing about "gimp gimp gimp gimp gimp gimp". so I came back and shot these the next morning. As for the "Fuck You"s, I like the happy face and the umlaut, but from a composure perspective I didn't really know how to make it more interesting: There was other graffiti to the right that I didn't want in the shot which is why the second picture was off centered. As the bridge is only so wide, I could not get a head-on shot (using an 18 to 105mm lens). I wonder if I could have gotten it head-on if I were using the 10mm Rokinon CrazyWide lens that I rented up in Alaska, and just crop it down. Any thoughts on how to make the composition better on these shots?

This shot is me playing with the off-camera flash (yes, I finally got it! Turns out the mail room delivered it to my old office, despite the mailing address having my new office number on it). Regardless, just dicking around and in review, I sort of liked the effect. I think next time, I'd back the power down a bit and move over to the left just enough to not cut off the picture on the mantel.

These last couple of shots were taken at Anu Nuevo State Park (we're at the tail end of elephant seal mating season, so the park gives tours from Dec to April - this is where I was with the GF, yesterday. Of course, this was the same day as SF Cars and Coffee, but I had already made these plans).


I like this shot, though in review: 1) I'd center it, and 2) It's a little blurry (the seal had moved - if you look towards the center, you'll see a puff - elephant seals like to flick sand, it appears). This was shot ISO 100/1/125, F/16 (the "Sunny 16" rule, I'm told); if I were to do it over, I'd pick a faster shutter speed (and change the aperture, accordingly)

Same guy as above, venting his sexual frustration. Same things: Center and faster shutter.

I was dicking around with DOF, here...Incidentally, I think there are something like 10 males to a female during mating season, so the females are probably sick of this shit, by now...

It seems that you can either get close ups of wildlife, or wide-angle shots of landscapes with one lens...but not both. (OK, I think there's something like a 28 to 300mm lens, but I didn't have one of those handy and I wonder if it's one of those "OK at everything; great at nothing" devices). I still had the 70 to 200mm mounted from the seals; had I had...you know..thought, I would have put the 18 to 105mm back on for these shots. I think wider angle would have made this better.

With these last two, I'm thinking that the ocean and the sky could be darker, but I would not want to make the shadows on the cliff any darker - not sure how to rectify that. Also, I'm playing with zoom here - from a composure perspective, not sure which distance looks better.

Anyway, I'm open to any suggestions/thoughts/ideas. Thanks!