As I'm getting a chance to go through some of the photos I took over my recent trip to places without snow (I heard it snowed 13 centimeters while I was away), I've been ranking the islands from least favorite to most favorite.

Unfortunately for Princess Cay, it got the also ran position. Really though, when I consider its competition, being the worst of the best isn't really that bad of a place to be.

The reason it scored so low for me was that it stood out as a "the boat needs to stop here" kind of a place. That said, the beaches were gorgeous, there was a lot to do (ATV's, snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, etc. etc. etc.). The lunch was excellent as well. Still though, it felt manufactured. It came across as a place the boat stops at to help break up the trip before getting to the U.S. Virgin Islands.


Those islands I'll cover in future posts, for now though, enjoy these shots of Princess Cay!