Jared East Photography

The voice over was a last minute iPhone recorder, which is why it is so bad lol.

1st video I used a Canon 5d mark III and a Go Pro. I shot out of a moving car for the rolling shots and everything else was a tripod or Go Pro.

2nd video was shot with a 5d Mark III again and was all lock down tri pod shots.


Stephen the Canuck

Here's my video. Sunday Easter Drive. I don't know how to embed a Youtube video on here. It was filmed using a dash cam, and then cut and edited using Windows Movie Maker, then brightened and white balanced in Lightroom 5.7. It was sped up 2.5x to get under 1:30 minutes. It was shot in 720p.


It's not great, or interesting, or well cut. It's my first attempt at video. But it does show me that the dash cam should work pretty well for autocross runs.



This is late, was shot on my phone a year ago, and Google did the editing but this really perfectly captured the feel of the day. I got sunburned so bad.

Good job everyone.