This is a little late but here goes.



Took some photos of my Nerf gun. which I actually didn't buy until I was 18 (yeah yeah, deprived childhood and all that). This photo was taken with my D70s with the 18-70mm with an ISO of 200, and slightly edited to make the colours pop more.

Second photo is at ISO 320, not edited in any way, and with the same equipment.

I was going to take a picture of a stapler, since I was once playing with a stapler when I was a kid and ended up embedding a staple in my finger (I am not smart), but then I realized that I should take a picture of a toy that actually sent me to the hospital. (story here).



Taken with an iPhone 5 using the tele option on an Izzi case. Processed in VSCO Cam. It's a popular vinyl toy called a Labbit, created by a pretty well known graffiti artist.



I took this photo of a Lego Minifigure Kimi and then fiddled with it in Photoshop Elements.

This is the original photo.

Canon 40D, Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 @ 50mm, 1/40 sec @ f/8.0 (Av), ISO 400


I'll take 911 RS for $5000

My submission for the week, shot a few days ago on my kitchen table. Sony a7, Minolta 58/1.2 on 25mm extension tubes, ISO 1000, f/1.2, 1/60 sec. Edited in CaptureOne, though I don't quite remember the edits.


I park in a garage

From this series.

Sup?!?! I'm Batman! Want to come with me on a crime fighting adventure?

There's Catwoman, my sexy arch-nemesis!! We must be quiet... If she hears us, it'll will all go south!


Stephen the Canuck

The same Captain America figure. I was trying to see if I could get it to look like he was driving a car, but was unable to get the focus right. So I ended up going with him standing behind the car, and using a large aperture to blur the foreground and background.


1/30th of a second, ISO 800, T3i, 50mm on extension tubes so I believe it was f1.8.

The black Porsche is what I was trying to have Captain America appear to be driving. I went for these German rivals for fun, and to try out a shallow depth of field. Did some minor editing in Lightroom. Tried out the healing brush on the flooring of the shot.

1/30th, f3.2, ISO 800, EF-S 24mm on a T3i.



I submit the Big Guy & Rusty.

I don't remember what settings for this particular one since I tried a bunch.(new to photography). I started with your settings of 1/200 with ISO800, but on the 18-55mm kit lens. I probably had the zoom maxed, meaning f 5.6.

Photo taken on my drawing table.

I got this figure probably 15 years ago at a comic-con in NYC. Still has the original battery inside.


There you go. For the child at heart in all of us.