Sorted out the KINJA nonsense. Massive dump below...and no poop.

Got my laptop up and running for the first time in years. Going to dump some of my better shots here in chronological order. I think they progress in quality as I got my feet under me for both the event and having not used my camera in years, as well. Let me know what you think and if you have some constructive criticism...I want to get into photography again.

Entire families showed up. It was a very calm group considering the size (est. 175k).
I love my lens. Greatest Christmas gift (from 3 years ago) ever.
She was my hero of the day.
Guys were well represented. Another shot later in the dump.

We moved out into the street to get closer to the stage and explore a bit more.

My fiance’s favorite.
One of my favorites.

To interrupt this dump, gotta say that BPD was on point. Nobody felt troubled, no arrests, total respect to them.

Looking at this after, someone a solid 10 ft away from the sign is pointing BIG. Great coincidence.
This was fun...and a lucky shot held overhead. I’m 6'4" and still had to take the camera strap off to attempt a shot. Pleasant surprise when I got home and checked.
The guys were out in full force.
And this was my favorite for the day. My camera was gone as we were heading away from the crowds and I scrambled to get a lens on. She is my hero of the march.

Last shot was just an attempt to get a ground level perspective of the immensity of the crowd. Overall it was a phenomenal experience and has really motivated me to go photo hunting more. I’m in the city...I have no excuse.