So, this has become one of my favorite spots recently. Small pond off of a small road with huge fields and nice wooded areas around it. I first found the place Back in May of 2015. Didn’t get a lot of good shots, as I was fresh with the camera. And the area kind of fell to the back of my mind. But one part that stuck with me was the field.

May 2015

So, when I recently got into wanting to see and photograph some owls, I thought this would be a great place to try. I went back on this past Sunday (Superb_Owl Sunday) and started taking photos. The parking lot right in front of the pond. Taking a right after stepping onto the grass lead me by the picnic table near the carved tree stump

Feb 2017

Walking along the bank until it led me into the woods. I remembered the trails by heart, only having been down them once...

May 2015
Feb 2017

Like a dream turning into reality. I walked the winding path and took the quick hidden right leading me back to a few of the prizes I wanted to see.

I was glad to get a chance at the abandoned vehicles again, as my photos from the first visit didn’t turn out good at all...


Then I started looking around. To the far right of the forgotten vehicles I noticed some odd signs behind a fallen tree, so I went to inspect them. They were just signs saying not to mess with the burning embers, as they do small fires around there occasionally. Have hopped over one of the fallen trees to get there I decided to make my way through the path of two fallen trees, stopping to take a photo.

Not a very important photo if looking at it in the context of just the picture. But as I stood up, dropping my camera to my waist, I watched as an Owl flew down from a tree, further in the forest, and glided silently further to the thick of it.


I hadn’t noticed what tree he came from nor what tree he landed atop. I hadn’t even raised my camera to snap a photo. Not that I had the correct lens on at the time, but all I could do was stand there watch and listen as this amazing creature soared silently through the open forest. This was my first owl sighting in the wild, ever. I stood there for quite some time afterwards just taking it in.

After I came to my senses I tried to start figuring out the start and stop points. I wanted to find this creature!

So I wandered around looking for clues, but didn’t see any. So I walked out into the field and circled over to where I thought it had landed. I entered the woods there and started searching. Snapping a few pictures of what looked like the site of a struggle, I decided to call it, as it was late and I was getting VERY hungry.

I decided to take the alternate path back when I found something that was so coincidental that I didn’t know what to think...

Hanging there on a leafless plant...

I tend to have my fair share of fortuitous accounts, but this was one of the strangest.

With that, I left for the day. But I’ve been back twice since then. The second time there was nothing at all. Not one thing happened. Not even any good photos to share.

But today. Today I went further than I’d ever been before. In and out of bramble covered hideaways for deer. Over to a pond I had no idea existed. Back and forth searching the trees for any sign of an owl. No sign, but all the things I managed to do today after work lead me to one moment.

As I was leaving Penny Road today, I looked to the right at one of the large fields and saw some deer in the far distance and a coyote near the road. I turned around as soon as I could, as I’d never been able to photograph a coyote before. That’s when I found out there wasn’t just one...

This is easily one of my favorite places to go. I’ve seen small birds, owls, snakes, deer, coyote, abandoned vehicles, and there are signs talking about rare birds. I’m going to have so many more photos of this place in the future!