Okay, so not really Ohio wildlife, and not technically “in the wild,” but these are some photos I took at the Cincinnati and Columbus Zoos over the weekend. Columbus Zoo photos will be up in a different post.


Cincinnati Zoo currently has a few baby cheetahs, and they happened to be out in the nursery exhibit when we were there. The glare on the enclosure was atrocious, but I still had to share.

A New Zealand parrot species called the Kea.

White lionesses.

The Pallas Cat (hard to see, usually).

And Fennec Fox.

Snow Leopards, who I was able to see playing around later in the day. They are fantastic jumpers.

Got a couple of interesting shots during the cheetah run. This cheetah is named Savannah, and she chased a lure for us.

The Fossa, a unique predator native to Madagascar.

Clouded Leopard!