So, yesterday was National Wetlands Day. Having the day off, I decided to go out and see if I could find some wildlife. The windchill was about 4F so I didn’t have much hope.

I decided on a place I’ve been before, but not for a while. Moraine Hills State Park. It’s nice, big, and there is a dam about 1.5 miles from where I usually park. (On the off chance that the river is frozen and there are eagles there.) No eagles, sadly, but I did get to snap A LOT of shots at a bird feeder where I parked. Seriously, almost all the the 630 shots I took were at the feeder...

Easily my favorite of the day

After shooting about 200 shots there, I started off down the trail. It wasn’t long before a saw a possum. I had no idea they were so active in the cold weather. Sadly, it spotted me too (or heard/smelled me) and was in too much brush to get a really good shot. So I continued on after it waddled over a hill I couldn’t get to.


I came to a trail I’d never taken in the summer because of all the bees around it. I decided to give it a go since I’d heard an owl somewhere in the vicinity of where the trail would take me. I knew I had no chance of finding the owl (never did).

I had to pee and decided to make my way into the woods to find a good spot that the wind wasn’t hitting and a passerby wouldn’t see. That’s when I saw another possum. I was far enough away to not startle it yet.

I took a few shots that didn’t turn out too well and decided to try and get closer since it was easier to follow with no thick brush around. The incident still has me chuckling...

Oh no! Something is close to me, gotta hide...
Best hiding spot ever!
Is it still there? Crap, it’s still there. Must hide better!
It’ll never find me now! found me. Please don’t eat me...

I left him alone to go find a try. When I came back by he was back on the ground munching around.


After that I made my way over to the dam. Saw a hawk fly overhead and that was about it.

On the way back I saw a few more birds, snapped some shots, and made it back to my car. I was quite hungry. But I stayed at the bird feeder again snapping quite a bit more shots, but it was just the same few birds over and over.

Anyways, that was my day off yesterday. Wish I’d seen bore, but the possum was totally worth it. Also, ever since a science youtube channel I watched taught me about possum nipples (the have a ring of 12 nipples with one in the center) I’ve been seeing more possums than I’ve ever seen. It’s like the knowledge unlocked some magical possum detecting sense in me.

Also, there are a few more photos at my flickr as always.