So, this week I decided to finally check out the Auto Museum near me. I went on Monday but found myself stuck in their antique mall looking at EVERYTHING. Seriously, I was in there for 3 to 4 hours. Actually had to rush a bit at the end because they were closing. So I decided to come back the next day and check out the actual museum part.

Arrived again on Tuesday and purchased something I’ll post about later. Then went straight into the museum. The first showroom was amazing, and I thought it was giving me a taste for what I’d find throughout the rest of the museum. I was a bit mistaken. Though I didn’t get a photo of the whole first showroom, let’s just say it was a bit less annoying than the rest. And, as always, you can find more here.

This is one of the rooms. Almost every car had one of the large orange papers in it saying loudly “DO NOT TOUCH” and they were all right there in the way. Not to mention, as you can see, how close every car is to each other. Getting in between them and such proved impossible without touching. And the lighting was bad so I had to use a flash most of the time. And using a flash on reflective surfaces isn’t always good.

Now, not all of it was terrible. It was an amazing place. And there were some great group shots and outside shots too. But as far as trying to get to most of the collection to get photos, the experience was bad.

So, here are some of my favorite ones.