Well this was an interesting one with lots of participation. There's quite a range of edits done. Enjoy.


Stephen the Canuck

I edited this in LIghtroom 5.7. I basically hit the auto WB and Tone buttons, then started playing with the sliders from there.

Gave it another shot in Paint Shop Pro X6 (below).

I used Single RAW Photo HDR, then played around with some of the sliders, then cropped it in tighter.


I'll take 911 RS for $5000

My original edit (top) and re-edit (bottom). I don't remember settings for the top, but bottom was slight exposure and contrast boost, greater shadow boost, WB adjustment, added structure and sharpening for export to web.

In the original I wanted to show the scene similarly to how it appeared to my eyes. In my re-edit I just went for a pretty picture.


I park in a garage

Starting with someone else's photo is strange. but makes for an adventure.


  • white balance
  • colour specific saturation (greens)
  • minimal exposure, contrast, brightness.
  • highlight and shadow recovery
  • clarity
  • cropped.
  • brushed in a bit more exposure and saturation into the sky.


DancesWithRotors - ThreeBricks

Just messed around a little with UFRaw, not really doing much otherwise.


Happy Panda

I decided to go for a more 'cold winter'/spooky look. I lowered the brightness a lot and then used a linear filter to bump the lower half of the image back up a bit. Lowered the clarity in the bottom half of the picture and lowered the blue slider in the B&W color mix by a lot to give the trees in the background a little bit more volume. There is also a slight grey/green split tone (64 hue, 15 saturation).





I went with the super spooky route. Turned down the brightness and cranked up the contrast, then I dropped down the hue, saturation, and lightness. Used Paint.Net for this one.

This is my second attempt, which went in the opposite direction from the first one. I upped the brightness and the contrast, messed with the hue, turned up the saturation, and turned town the lightness a smidgen. Once again, used Paint.Net. I think this turned out a lot better than the other one.



In summary:



This challenge ended up being much more difficult than I imagined. It's hard for me to reimagine someone else's work, while keeping the scene looking as realistic as possible. I started with a very simple "real life" edit, then played with the sliders until I got something that looks acceptably cold-yet-vibrant.


Edited in Lightroom 5, fiddled with the hue and saturation sliders for green and orange, increased exposure, lowered temperature, increased sharpness, and gave it a medium fade. I'm happy with the results but, whew, that was tough!



I did a lot but I think most of the stuff I did in the beginning all canceled each other out. In the end I adjusted the highlights and shadows to bring out the trees more in the background and then desaturated a bit because it looked nuts.




Thanks for participating everyone!