Yesterday I decided to take a trip to Chicago to see if they had the battery compartment for an old camera I bought recently. (I really do promise to make a post about this later). They did. Then I made the mistake of looking at other things. Old cameras, wasn’t going to buy one of those today, and then lenses.

The sales clerk (who read my weaknesses very well) showed me the above beauty first. Was a really nice lens. Then I looked at another lens, and another (all more expensive than this one). I tried some of the others on my camera and they were SO nice. Then he brought this one back out again and told me to try it out. (another person at the shop walked by at that moment and talked it up as well.) So I put the lens on my camera and took a few shots (these are the unedited photos. The edited can be found here). First three shots melted my heart. I wanted this lens.

(Apparently kinja auto-rotates original photos. So I had to upload them to lightroom and then export them unedited back to my pc to get them not to rotate...)


After that I took the lens off and went to checking my accounts to see what I could do to have this lens. Sure, it was only $409 used (ONLY...) and cheaper than anywhere on the internet with a warranty. But I finally found a way to get it without completely breaking me. So, after buying that, the battery compartment I originally came for, and some film, I was set to go out into the city and try this baby out.

It was around 5pm when I left the store, so there was still plenty of sun. But I decided I was going to do some nighttime shots as well, so I took the 8:30 train home. Out of most of the photos I’ve taken, I have to say some of the following shots are some of my favorites.

Little knownst to me, while I was switching lenses, I accidentally put my camera into Aperture Priority mode. Now, as someone who pretty much only uses Manual mode, I was a bit perplexed at how my camera was acting while taking some shots. Having been up since 3am, I couldn’t figure out what was going on until about an hour later. So, I would be posting more photos if I’d figured this problem out before hand...