It’s been quite some time (like, 2 weeks?) since I’ve share any of my pictures. Today we open with two rally cars!

I went to catch the 2016 Vignes de Régnié rally with my father, wanted to do some panning shots. Could find a spot allowing me to shoot the car from above though...
I didn’t take that many pictures though. This rally is run in the Beaujolais region, roughly an hour north of Lyon.
My main theme this week was vines. Going to a rally in a wine region was a nice way to complement that.
I don’t really know how old theses vines are, but I reckon they have quite some years under them.
She is living in, and sharing with cows and calves, the field behind our house.
Change of scenery, the Rhône’s quays in Lyon
Exploring the old city can lead to finding incredible places you never thought would be there.
We had an early morning in town, for a traditional “brunch” called a “Machon”, where you eat local specialties, cheese and unlimited wine.

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