I got a job offer as a photog for an avenue I've not considered before. Cue frantic editing spree to pad my portfolio in the right direction. Yesterday I knocked out about 200 photos and was going batty by the end of it (ask Iforgotmyburnerkeyonce about evil mode. Evilll mmmode). My last job was, funny enough, as a photo editor for my junior college paper. Huh. I never intended on letting my camera become my wage-earner, but if that's how's it's gonna be, I'm not one to keep my camera from greatness. Anyways, enough talk, more photo dump.

Mmmm, pizza.

^ All those photos are related. This shot is taken from the back corner past the staircase in the first picture, of the roof over the cafeteria where the second picture is. Hmm, tricky.

^ A wild iforgotmyburnerkeyonce appears! Smoking is bad... but it provides cool photo ops.

^He was practicing, and getting paid to do it. Hmm...

^ I think the focus is on the light? There's nothing special about this photo but I love it so much. I think it's the train station. The first time I was here, I was 8, and had reread Harry Potter on the flight over. Alas, there is no Platform 9 3/4. Oops, I'm talking again.

^ I think I'm going to write a photography article about the art of shooting on the move. Except I'm sure most of you drive yourselves... sadface

^ I was having a terrible day and these two animals really cheered me up. Probably because they reminded me of someone... <3

^ This one was saturated by the light to the point of no return, so for those who have high contrast/dark monitors, I'm so, so sorry.

^ Unfortunately high ISO because no tripods allowed in Poole's Cavern. Still love this shot. Doop doop, onwards~

^ The cavern isn't normally lit up like this, but I visited just before Christmas. I would hate putting up those lights.

^Sauron moved into the Sherwood Forest.

^These trees remind me of snakes with attitude.

^Robin Hood and his homies used to meet up here and shenanigans into the night.

^ For contrast, here's where the Sheriff of Nottingham, Robin Hood's total BFF, hung out. Couldn't get any closer because it was like 6 pounds to just get in and walk around, how typical; this was shot through a gate. Robin Hoodly photography. Stealing shots from the rich. Aww yeah.

^ Speaking of rich, robins, and men in tights, here's Batman's house! It's actually Wollaton Hall, and they have REINDEER!

I should stop before this becomes a trainwreck of endless photographs. I have gadzooks more on my flickr, so stop by and leave me your thoughts! I have scores more on my hard drive, too, over 800gb, spanning five+ years, soo it's a little overwhelming. I have forgotten what there is to do in my free time except for edit photos?? I have these books to read but like... they're not editing photos.


Anyone got anything to share about sorting hordes of photos? Thoughts about the nature of personal photo collecting? Travel shots you'd like to share? General tips to help me regain my sanity as I battle through the photographic tides of my own making?